What subjects are covered in One-On-One sessions?

We have three levels of One-On-One support available here at Ripple Training. Below are some typical subjects covered in each category.  Don't worry because you are not limited to the subjects listed.  

LEVEL ONE - 30 minute Session

Importing Media

Project Organization

Picture & Sound Editing

Basic Multicam Editing 

Basic Color Correction

Effects and Titles

LEVEL TWO - 60 minute Session

Advanced Picture & Sound Editing

Advanced Multicam Editing

Media Management

Collaborative Workflows 

Color Grading Workflows

XML Workflows 

Working with Third-Party Plugins

LEVEL THREE - Specialized Training

Advanced Color Grading in Resolve

Fusion Training in Resolve

Custom Motion Graphics

Creative Input on Projects 

Remote Editing with Ripple Editor 

Remote Grading with Ripple Editor

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