How to use Bookmarks inside Ripple Player

We understand the need to keep track of concepts as you work through our tutorials.  We have created an easy system to help you do just that!  Our system is called Bookmarks.

Here's how bookmarks work inside the Ripple Online Player.  

1.  Watch the tutorial and when you come to a place where you want to add a note or something important to remember, hit the Bookmark icon in the playbar.  

2.  A dialogue box will appear and you will have the option to record any information that is important to you.  Click Save Bookmark when you are finished writing.

3.  All of the bookmarks will be stored in the bookmark tab to the right of the player window.

4.  To access your bookmarks in the future, simply click on the bookmarks tab and the timecode is hyperlinked to the place in the video that was bookmarked.

Let us know how you like this enhanced feature!